Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Forgotten Drink

Someone must have carried their drink out of the bar...

The Forgotten Drink 1092

Made for an interesting photo even though its out of focus. I couldn't really back up to make it in focus due to other objects in the way...

The Forgotten Drink 1091

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Marissa said...

oooh that drink photo is so very cool. i love it. i decided to start carrying my camera with me to catch cool shots like yours (except, i'm nowhere near as good as a photographer as you...in fact, i have no skills whatsoever!)

tuckmac said...

Now THAT is a great photo! I love the composition, and extreme narrow depth-o-field you got goin' on there.

Nicely done.

- T

Bl@ck Coffee said...

Thank you both.

Tuckman - I think it was F/1.8. The number could have been a bit higher but not much higher if it was.

Marissa- That is really cool! I'm not sure which one you like, but I have good news. I could have taken both of these photos with a point and shoot camera and got similar results. This means you can to.

Just use the macro mode on your camera (the icon usually looks like a flower). Turn that on. Focus on something less than a foot away like a glass or a tree branch but leave some of the background in the frame. Keep your hand real steady as you take the photo. Whatever is less than a foot away should be in focus and everything behind that should be blurry. Try it!

Michael said...

Really like your eye for Uptown. You capture pieces of it that seem to always be fading away. I go to Uptown every Sunday to try to capture glimpses like you, but with words not images. Be well, and please keep it up.

Bl@ck Coffee said...

Michael - I will keep it up. I feel like someone has to do it. Uptown will be a completely different place 5 or 10 years from now. It's already much different than it was even a few years ago.

I'm not sure I'm the right man for the job but I just don't see others stepping up. Uptown is an exciting area of Minneapolis and I'm not sure my photos accurately reflect its fast paced environment. My style of photography is much more mellow and quiet and doesn't necessarly reflect reality. But maybe that's OK because at least its something.

All I can do is capture pieces of what remains in the present. Those little pieces can always be viewed in the future and I think that's important to me for some reason. I think you can understand that because you're on the level. So here's to being on the level michael...cheers!

Bl@ck Coffee said...

I should add that by on the level I mean you are probably a creative person. Not a fake person pretending to be creative. Theres a big difference.