Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Lake Calhoun Snowman and Company

Uptown_Calhoun_Snowman_1854, originally uploaded by Black Java.

This shot was taken March 20th @ 6:30 or so. I decided to post it because to me it just screams Minnesota. I haven't checked but I'm sure frosty is swimmin' with the fishes by now. Here's another image Zoomed and Cropped below. click here for more photos around the lakes


Four more ways to STOP Bush

Uptown_Stop_Bush_1853, originally uploaded by Black Java.

Four more ways to STOP Bush. This Is the second stop sign in Uptown I've stumbled across with Bush underneath. It was located at the same intersection as the previous one and It wouldn't surprise me if there were more out there.

If every Uptown resident that disagreed with Bush's policies was given one stop sign to tag the city would have to create a 4-way intersection every couple feet or so. Surely this would generate tons of construction jobs for the state. Could this be the economic boom Minnesota has been looking for? Would both sides of the isle be happy? Am I onto something here...click hear for more photos with reference to Uptown Politics

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

That's One Cheap Haircut I Tell Ya!

Uptown_Haircut_1815, originally uploaded by Black Java.

I'm not sure what a hair cut under $10 looks like. Fortunately I've never had to find out either. Signs like this make me feel lucky.

Nothin Pretty Bout Sudz Beauty Salon

Uptown_Accident_1806, originally uploaded by Black Java.

Check it out. This dude passed out and plowed his Econoline van into Sudz Beauty Salon on 24th and Hennepin Sunday. It totally took out a whole corner of this 2 story brick building. No one was in the Salon @ the time of the accident and the apartment upstairs was vacant as well. The driver was trapped for like 30 minutes in all the rubble. Last time I heard he was in stable condition and he's gonna make it. Here's some shots I took on Monday. The van had already been removed by then.

While I was shootin' I noticed the vacuum in the apartment was still plugged in. Major Bummer man. Knowing that they just cleaned the place right before it collapsed was probably an extra blow they could have done without.

More images below:





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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

4 Ways to STOP Bush

4 Ways to STOP Bush, originally uploaded by Black Java.

4 Ways to STOP Bush. I noticed this sign about a month ago but never got around to shootin it. This shot was taken into the sun. I rarely do this but I had to on this occasion. The end result is "blown out" red pixels because I had to pump up the brightness to read the sign. The sky looks about right though. Uptown Minneapolis, March 05.

The Triple Bone Effect

March_05_Three_Bones_1789, originally uploaded by Black Java.

Three bones. Center is original shot. Black N white = Lizzy. Inverted = Rizzy. Uptown Minneapolis, March 05.

Robin Egg Wall Slight Angle

Robin_Egg_Wall_1784, originally uploaded by Black Java.

Robin egg wall slight angle. Original photo above, some image manipulation below. Uptown Minneapolis, March 05.


Robin Egg Wall Straight on Shot

Robin_Egg_Wall_1783, originally uploaded by Black Java.

Robin egg wall straight on shot. Original photo above, some image manipulation below. Love the rich colors and shadow play. Uptown Minneapolis, March 05.


Monday, March 07, 2005

Steaks Dinner

Steaks_Dinner_1_24_05_1685, originally uploaded by Black Java.

This is what Steaks (roommate) had for dinner one night. He just might be the only person in the world who's ever had this fine combination of food. The pizza is reheated from the night before and it's not even delivery. Presentation is everything right Steaks?