Sunday, January 14, 2007

A January Cherry

I'm going to be posting photos of the Walker/Sculpture Gardens area over the next few days. It's not necessarily "Uptown" but it is right down the road. I tried to photograph the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry from less popular angles...

January Cherry 2228

here's a black and white version...

January Cherry BW 2246

The Spoon is 5,800 lbs. and the Cherry is 1,200 lbs.

January Cherry 2248

I accidentally took this photo while I was trying to focus instead. I thought I would make the most of this mistake and swivel the tripod to create something interesting...

January Cherry 2256

I've shot this area before with one of my point and shoot cameras. Those photos can be seen in previous posts here and here.

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Hedy De Vine said...

oh, i love cherry and spoon! the last one with the blurred lights is definitely my favorite.

Bl@ck Coffee said...

Thanks. That last one is pretty cool. Tripods are a wonderful thing.

Elizabeth said...

I love the first one-- you never see it from this angle, and it looks even stranger when it's emerging from behind trees-- the scale is more obvious.