Monday, August 06, 2007

Uptown Art Fair 2007 - Mark Sijan

Yes, I did get the artists permission to take the following photos. ALWAYS ASK. Having said that, here are some photos of Mark Sijan's sculptures that I took on Friday...

Portrait Sculpture 3454

Sculpture 3457

Sculptures 3456

VET 3452

VET 3453

Reflection 3451

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slinger said...

Excellent self portrait shot on the last one :D

I must say, very interesting art work.

Missy said...

Holy crap! Those are amazing, and creepy.

Bl@ck Coffee said...

Thanks slinger. Good eye.

Missy - They look very real. Everyone that walks by does a double take. I couldn't photograph them all because there were so many people around.

Anonymous said...

This booth at the Uptown Art Fair has appeared every year over the past several years in the same spot. Every year a new set of these sculptures appear. I noticed that you didn't photograph the large nudes (with a strategically placed towel). It is very popular and I am sure people come to the Art Fair looking for it.

Bl@ck Coffee said...

I did see all of them (including the one with the strategically placed towel) but these were the only photos I was able to get. My lens has a fixed focal range of 50mm, which means I can't shoot anything at a wide angle.

There were so many people gathered around the other sculptures that it was impossible for me capture them without one. I will have a wide angle lens by next year.

spacedlaw said...

If you had a zoom, it would be so interesting to see the faces of the onlookers. Those sculptures are amazing and must provoke some interesting reactions.