Monday, March 13, 2006

Snow Storm in March

I don't know how much snow we got today but it was a mess. I think we were getting 2 inches an hour. Good morning I guess?

Snow Day 1676

I been taking a lot of fence shots lately.

Snow Day 1716

Funky tree.

Snow Day 1738

Open water.

Snow Day 1768

The only person I saw on a bike all day. I tried to get the biker while they crossed the center of the bridge. So close. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Snow Day 1775

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Marissa said...

AMAZING photos. i heard about all the snow there. i'm in arizona for a friend's wedding and none of the guests could get back to mn today because of the storm. you captured it beautifully.

The Pirate of Selby Avenue said...

These are great post-snowstorm photos. Keep up the good work.

Bl@ck Coffee said...

Thank you!

I've been very busy, crime is way up and the weather just isn't cooperating. I'm eager to take more photos soon.

Thanks for the kind words pirate.