Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Been Through Wars"

Me: Will you sign my ball please?

Kirby: That’s the best you got?

What did he mean? I thought he was mad at me for approaching him the way I did. After all it was rude.

Me: frozen and speechless cause Kirby Puckett was actually mad at me.

He meant the ball. He was just giving me a hard time for handing him the worst looking ball to sign.

Kirby: This balls been through wars.

He smiled and turned the ball over to the side that still had seams intact. His smile was warm and kind. It was the same smile I’d seen in magazines, newspapers and on baseball cards so many times before. Then he signed it and handed it back to me. Just like that.

Me: Thanks a lot Kirby. Thanks a lot.

You da man Kirby. You da man. Rest In Peace.

Been Through Wars 1558

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