Saturday, September 17, 2005

Tubes Graffiti on Bridge

Sorry I haven’t been posting much of anything lately. Got this massive reoccurring knee sprain preventing me from doing much walking. Unfortunately not a lotta walking = not a lotta photos. I ran around Lake Calhoun too fast and I’ve been out for like a week. Someone said I should run bare foot but I’m not a hippy so no thanks. If this injury effects my snowboarding this winter I’m gonna go insane. The Doc recommends PT, so Physical Therapy here we come. Tons of fun. Enough bitchin bout my knee that nobody cares about. I hobbled down to the lake today and stumbled upon some awesome graffiti. Took a grip of photos.

Tubes Graffiti 2654

Tubes Graffiti 2628

Tubes Graffiti 2632

Tubes Graffiti 2638

Tubes Graffiti 2637

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Lunch said...

I thrashed my knee snowboarding last year, i still dont think i have full feeling it in yet.

Kevin from Minneapolis said...

Um, why exactly is this "awesome graffiti?"

To me it looks like some dipshit thug defaced a beautiful place.