Thursday, April 24, 2008

Green Army Man

Random! I found this green army man on a post along Hennepin...

Army Man 6589

Army Man 6591

This is the kind of thing I could photograph for hours without getting bored. Lucky for my life that's not what happened. I was satisfied after just a couple clicks.

These photos have been cropped a bit because I was shooting with my 17-55mm. I think a 100mm macro would have been ideal here. I don't own that lens but I will someday.


Sarah said...

The pictures look good just the way they are. The depth of field works and the coloring is exciting. Good work! :)

Sarah said...

PS I have been following your blog for awhile and have enjoyed reading it.

-K- said...

I love the bottom shot. Its just great.

Dusty Lens said...

Great pics. I saw a flickr group dedicated to shooting the green plastic army men.

Growing up, my cousin and I had hundreds of them. We played with the for hours at the resort beach. I am sure to this day some for them gurgle up out of the sand.