Monday, June 26, 2006

Boundary Waters Trip - June 06

Below are some photos from my most recent trip to the Boundary Waters. I’m back in Minneapolis now so I’ll be posting photos around Uptown again soon.

I was in the boundary waters for 6 nights with 2 of my friends. Are loop was about 67 miles and we hit 17 lakes along the way.

We found a nice island campsite one night but there was a note left by the firepit. The note was in a ziplock bag for other campers to read. It says:

Sow Bear with cubs on Island! Not aggressive but way persistant. Hang your food bag well away from tree. Great campsite but she will get your food if you fake it.

It was a small island. We only crashed there one night. This is what you do with your food pack when you are in the Boundary Waters.


A toad hanging out near a portage.


Our transportation device. A Minnesota Three, made by Wenonah. 20 feet long and 52 lbs I think. She goes.


One of my friends taking in the view.


A rock near basswood falls.


Lone dead Tree.


Dinner = Walleye!


Moose and calf.


Silhouette of a friend.


Rock Cliff. This rock cliff had pictographs.


Cheesy sunset. I made a tripod with some sticks to take this shot. I like the reflection from the clouds.


Click here for a slide show with the rest of my photos.

Here's a link to all the BWCA entry points. I went from 26 to 23 to Crooked Lake to Basswood Lake and back to 26.

Here's a link to an interactive map of from my entry point.

This is the loop I did. (This information might be boring if you've never been to the Boundary Waters) We did lots of portages. I'll only mention the long ones.

Way In:
1/2 mile portage from car to Wood Lake Entry Point 26

Northwest to:
Hula Lake
Good Lake
Hoist Bay (Basswood Lake)
Back Bay (Basswood Lake)

West to:
Pipestone Bay (Basswood Lake)
Jackfish Bay (Basswood Lake)
Sandpit Lake

North to:
Tin Can Mike Lake
Horse Lake
Fourtown Lake
Boot Lake
Fairy Lake
Gun Lake

(1 mile Portage)

Wagosh Lake
Niki Lake
Chippewa Lake
Papoose Lake
Crooked Lake (Friday Bay)

Way Out:

East to:
Crooked Lake (Thursday Bay)

Southeast to:
Crooked Lake (Wednesday Bay)
Basswood River

Past the falls
Lower Basswood Falls
Wheelbarrow Falls
Basswood Falls

(1 mile portage)

Northeast to:
Basswood Lake (over U.S. Point)

South to:
Basswood Lake (Wind Bay)
Indiana Lake
Good Lake
Hula Lake
Wood Lake

(1/2 mile portage out to car)

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Kate said...

The trip makes me tired. I love the photo of the canoe--so Minnesotan!

andrew said...

that note you found was made by my brothers scout master.the bear barrel was all torn up in to piecis.

hoxie said...

My oldest son just called me as he was looking for "wallpaper" for his new computer and had googled bwca pix. He related that the note we had left on the island showed up...what a great camp long as she isn't around.