Monday, February 27, 2006

Near Uptown

These photos were not taken in Uptown but at least they were taken near Uptown.


Photo Walk DT 1023

Just outside the door

Photo Walk DT 1034

Still snow in some spots.

Photo Walk DT 1066

Loring Park. Isn't Christmas over?

Photo Walk DT 1123

Sculpture Garden. Blue sky.

Photo Walk DT 1056

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Anonymous said...

I like the photos, good work!


Bl@ck Coffee said...

Thanks Onanite. It was a nice day to take photos. Blue sky.

snaps79 said...

Great shots!

Marissa said...

i cannot get over the vibrance of those photos - awesome!

Bl@ck Coffee said...

I had to set an alarm to capture all these. There's more on my flickr page. The last one might be in vivid colors mode. The sky really was "that blue" and the warm hues of the sculpture really are that bright. This is what happens when warm meets cool. Sometimes they get along great.

If vibrant colors are what you like, then stay tuned for my next post tonight or tomorrow. You might like it.