Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Panera Bread Bathroom

Panera Bread Bathroom. Very orange indeed! All the coffee you can drink for a couple bucks. How did I end up in here?

Panera Bread BR 192

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sopheava said...

Well???? New camera?! We're on the edge of our seats here!

Bl@ck Coffee said...

Sorry to keep you waiting so long. Just been very busy that's all. I DO have my new camera, but most of my photos are of family and friends and I never post that kind of stuff. However, the ELPH and I will be embarking on a journey soon. We are going to a part of the country where I hope to live some day. I'm sure the photos will be nice. Just not Minnesota nice. I'll try and post something before I go.

Honey Bunny said...

i just moved to uptown from boston. i like your flickr stream as well as your blog. very interesting!