Monday, December 19, 2005

Blue Boat, Yeller Rope

Time for some color!!! Why I like blue and orange together, I don't know but I do. Least here I do.

Blue Boat Yeller Rope 139

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andy said...

Great, bright complimentary colors in this one.

We've got a Minnesota photography forum over at We occaisonally arrange photo "field trips." Would love for you to join us!

Bl@ck Coffee said...

Complimentary is where it's at! Thanks for the invite andy. The hyperlink in your name didn't work but I recognized your photos in the forum. You have some serious talent!

I find your proposition interesting. I also think black java no longer anonymous would be interesting. Tell you what, I'll be buying a new camera soon, then maybe I'll go on one of these crazy adventures. If I'm going to shoot photos with you guys I need something better to shoot with.

Miss Scarlet said...

Another great one. Simple yet fantastic!