Friday, August 12, 2005

"Armed Robbery" All the Talk in Uptown Part 2

Those of you who follow my blog might remember the string of armed robberies a few months ago. "Armed Robbery" All the Talk in Uptown Now they're back at it again! There isn't any proof that these are the same guys but as soon as they got out of jail the robberies started again. Keep an eye out yo. Here's a link to the story from WCCO

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Kevin from Minneapolis said...

There was an interesting discussion about neighborhoods on MNSpeak last week that I inadvertantly started. It would be nice if the media gave a little more specific definition that just "Uptown" because, as the discussion shows, we all have a different definition of what is Uptown.

Are there any specific sites for any of these crimes, does anybody know?

lunch said...

yeah, i hope they catch these bastards. we were with two people(one of the 5 groups to be mugged this time around) 5 minutes before they got mugged. fuckers

Scott McGerik said...

Hmm, they are released from jail. Then the armed robberies start. Being a rational person, after getting caught, I would have behaved myself. But it appears that these perps are not rational. Assuming that it is the same perps, we need to impose stiff penalties on them. I hope they get caught!

On another topic, I enjoy the photos you post to your blog.

Bl@ck Coffee said...

Police recently caught up with two of the robbers. They don't think these are the same guys responsible for the hold ups earlier in the year. Does this mean the first group should be left alone and off the hook? I'm not letting my guard down anytime soon. Thanks for the comments.