Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Uptown Diner

I recommend the Tex Mex (half order). Half order because it's huge!

Uptown Diner 6575


spacedlaw said...

Ha well... Next time I am there.

Felicia said...

My heart just skipped a beat! I LOVE the Tex Mex!!! I used to order the whole size because I'm a dumb ass. But I also love the biscuits and gravy.

colonial said...

and get two bloody marys for a special treat

Darcy said...

I have never personally ate the Tex Mex, but I have witnessed a full order finished to a clean plate :) Thanks for all the wonderful photos, even though I moved to Portland, I sure miss my neighborhood and your photos are just what I need!

Bl@ck Coffee said...

@ spacedlaw, if you are in the neighborhood.

@ felicia, I too have ordered the whole size and felt like a dumb ass. You are not the only one.

@ colonial, They serve booze there? I usually go to the uptown bar and cafe or the green mill for day drinking.

@ darcy, I am all kinds of impressed by that eating machine! Thanks for the comment.

MagicBrad said...

I like Uptown the way it used to be. With more "owner operator" type shops. Now it's getting a little too commercial I think.