Thursday, July 14, 2005

Uptown Drink is Open

The Uptown Drink officially opened last Thursday, July 7th and I was there. Half price drinks at a new bar in Uptown will get me every time.

612.824.3333 • 1400 Lagoon Ave. Minneapolis, MN 5540?

The Uptown Drink seems to be different from the Downtown Drink in all the right ways. Here’s Five to get you started.

(1) There is a rooftop patio = bonus!

(2) Pool tables = nice! There is a MAJOR LACK OF POOL TABLES in Uptown. If the DT Drink has them I haven’t seen em, nor would I want to play at that location.

(3) Excellent service while I was there. The DT Drink has pretty good service but not Excellent.

(4) It wouldn’t be the Drink without loud music. There is a MAJOR LACK OF LOUD MUSIC in Uptown too. This Drink is loud but you can “get away” (patio) if you want to. This is nice if you have any real interest in hearing what members of the opposite sex are saying. The patio can be very handy.

(5) Bathrooms! Don’t want to spoil it but WOW did that catch me off guard.

Sorry, I don’t have any new photos of the place. But I did stop in the other day to grab a happy hour menu. Apparently they didn’t have one so the host wrote it down for me on a take out menu. I don’t know how accurate this is but here you go:


Speaking of Accuracy. Does anyone know the zip code for the Drink. I swear its 55408, not 02.


I’m probably wrong but this made me look closer for other mistakes in the menu.


I use a lot of slang and my grammar skills are weak. On top of that, I’m also a horrible speller. There are probably typos and grammatical errors running all though my blog but I think “tomatoe” is spelled “t-o-m-a-t-o”,“/” marks should have the same amount of space on both sides and periods should be consistent throughout any block of copy being mass produced.


This is only a small section of the menu. How many people looked this thing over before it went to press?

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Lunch said... says the zip code is 08 and not 02

Alexis said...

Great happy hour menu.

I often wonder if the menu is the last thing considered when someone opens a restaurant.

Bl@ck Coffee said... there anything they don’t know? thanks for the search lunch

These mistakes are on their main dining menu too. laminated typos are even better. We must protect these beautiful typos with a transparent sleeve. (drink)

Re food: I tried the scallops and fish fingers the other day. scallops were over salted but still very good. fish fingers on the other hand were bland with no flavor at all. it was like eating air. mmmmm half priced air.

Lunch said...

no problem. have you tried Google Earth yet? Possibly the greatest map tool ever.

Bl@ck Coffee said...

little bit. that stuff creeps me out.

FLIPPY said...

HI EVERYONE! This is FLIPPY! Most people in UPTOWN know me as "The Bartender @ DRINK that flips bottles". I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to put this together as well as say thank you to those who have nice things to say about our establishment! I hope to see you all at DRINK UPTOWN!~

Bl@ck Coffee said...

Flippy- You are welcome, but there's no need to thank me. If anything I should thank the Drink. What does Patron cost on Sundays...$2.50, and Tap Domestics are what?...a dollar! Yeah, you could say I'm no stranger to that place.

The only beef I have with the DRINK is the dark, no dollar excepting pool tables you guys have. The dollar slot doesn't work, so who ever plays me after I win has to go get quarters. The corners are too dark on the table closest to the door. If the 8 ball (black as black can be) should end up in the corner, it can make an easy shot kinda tricky.

I realize people don't go to the drink to play pool. So it doesn't really matter that much. Keep flippin dem bottles yo.

Ryan said...

Are you kidding me??? People you have way to much time on your hand to argue about the zip code or if there was a period at the end of a sentence...GET A LIFE!!!

purple said...

so patron cost $4.50 on sun and 8.50 when its not on special. And I wouldn't eat there. None of there kitchen staff wears gloves they put there fingers in the condiments. One second they will be cleaning the counter with a dirty rag the next they will use that rag on the plate your going to eat off. It's a little discussing. If you use a credit card there it cost you 50 cents which isn’t a huge deal but I don’t think that’s legal.