Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Eggs Hatch Off Lake Street

Ducklings recently hatched at the corner of Lake St and Holmes. My roommate stumbled upon the site and took some nice photos. It looks like some kind person built a make shift shelter for this mother of many eggs. It's hard to believe how close the eggs are to Lake Street. You can actually see Lake off to the right in the first photo and the white structure is the large Sons of Norway Wells Fargo building. Apparently financial investors, bankers, and ducks alike believe Wells Fargo is a great location for a nest egg.




Later when my roommate informed me of this bazaar situation, I had to see it with my own eyes. Unfortunately by the time I arrived the ducks were all gone. All I saw was broken egg shells, feathers, lots of bird pooh and a sign. The sign read “All ducklings arrived safely at the lake”. It looks as though this brave mother successfully guarded her eggs until they hatched, then left for a better location. Good call mother duck.





Alexis said...

Super cute.

Alex said...

What does the rest of that sign say - looks like an email address on there? Inquiring minds, you know.

Bl@ck Coffee said...

Good eye Alex. You are correct, it is an e-mail address. I still need to contact the duck lover and let them know I’ve posted this on my blog before I give out...I’ll explain later.

rogcad said...

Hi Alex,

It's my sign. Black Java just emailed me and asked if it's okay to post my email and website. Yes, you can email or visit to request a free video of the ducklings' journey to Lake of the Isle. There are also still photos on the webpage.

This is an annual event for the duck(s) at the bank ledge. I always escort her and her ducklings on their early morning journey to the Lake, stopping traffic for them, and filming.


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